Processing PDFs in the ERP
With EDIGURUS you are able to automate the processing of PDFs in your ERP system.
Automating incoming PDFs is a good idea if you keep receiving business documents as PDFs from your partners in the same format over and over again. In sales, it is often the orders from your customers. In purchasing, this can be e.g. order confirmations, shipping notifications or invoices.
In order for our software to be able to extract the data from the PDFs, it only needs to be trained briefly by us. Subsequently all PDFs that come in this format can be automatically processed in your ERP system.
The particular advantage of this form of automation is, that for your business partners nothing changes at all. PDF extraction enables you to automate your processes without dealing with the sender of the messages. This advantage leads to a significantly faster roll-out of the automation than it would be the case using classic methods such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
Digital communication can be started at any time and without delay; You determine the process yourself
Implement digital communication with your customers or suppliers without changing the existing processes
We give you
You save at least 3-5 minutes per incoming PDF, because EDIGURUS takes over the bookings in the ERP system
Master Data
always up to date
If you use SAP®, we can update your master data, info records and conditions with every message; One click is enough
Use our
We have been in the B2B business for more than 15 years; Use these years of expertise for a fast and
smooth roll-out
at a fixed Price
EDIGURUS takes care of the implementation as a full-service provider at a fixed price; Your IT has no effort
with automations
In the following short video we have explained all aspects of PDF extraction in detail (sorry, only in German).
5:45 min
We have already implemented the processing of data from PDFs in many different ERP systems. Here you can see a selection of the most important ERP systems:
Our software enables close integration with SAP. To do this, we will make all the necessary settings in SAP for you so that your IT does not have to do anything to implement EDI. All exchanged messages will appear in the IDoc monitor showing the status of the transfer. We also offer the option to export data from the documents directly into your master data and info records. This keeps your master data always up to date. And, if you should have special requests, we can easily implement them for you thanks to our ABAP know-how.
Dynamics 365®
Data can easily be exchanged with Dynamics via the e-commerce gateway. This gateway has a lot of possibilities but most of the time we use an XML format for the exchange.
We have already implemented interfaces to various Oxaion systems. The transfer is realized efficiently via database. For the implementation within the ERP system, we would be happy to put you in touch longtime Oxaion experts.
If your ERP system is not included, or you are looking for another way of data transfer, you will find it here additional information about our connection options.
From 250 EUR/month you can use our PDF extraction for all your business partners. Please contact us when we could interest you in our services (@).
Using PDF extraction also includes access to our existing EDIGURUS network. The network consists of more than 1000 companies which could be connected right away.
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