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Simply EDI
With the right Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) you can make the processes with your business partners much more efficient. This finally gives you the time to take care of really relevant topics again.
EDIGURUS is secure software to implement digital communication with many business partners in a short time.
For this, we operate the constantly growing, decentralized EDIGURUS network.
Once your company has been connected, any of the more than 1000 participating companies can be connected immediately to exchange business documents through digital channels.
The network is
because companies from multiple EDI providers participate and the
messages do not go
through a single
central point.
Business documents
are the exchanged
messages. There are over
30 different types of
messages available such
as purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications,
invoices etc.
The network use
digital channels
because the companies
involved communicate
either via EDI or
through an automated
PDF processing.
You can participate in the EDIGURUS network in two ways:
Become a
Starting at 250 EUR per month you can become a subscriber. As a subscriber, you may communicate immediately with all existing participants in the EDIGURUS network and of course you may invite new companies to join the digital communication. To ensure a quick and smooth roll-out, no costs arise for invited companies.
If you work in Purchasing, here you will find information about the benefits of using the EDIGURUS network for you.
Of course, digital communication also helps Sales too. Here you will find information on the use of EDIGURUS network in sales.
Get an
A subscriber may invite your company to participate in the EDIGURUS network. There are no costs for you.
  You then have three different options for digital communication:
You can have your ERP system connected directly via EDI.
Choose PDF extraction if you use an ERP system, but the connection via EDI is too complex. The PDFs generated by your ERP system are parsed by EDIGURUS and the data found is forwarded to your business partner.
As a third option, we also offer our Portal, in which you can answer your customers' orders directly. When designing the portal, we made sure that you had as little work as possible with it.
Processing PDFs in the ERP
If you often have to process data from PDFs in your ERP system, e.g. because you have to enter orders from your customers or invoices from your suppliers, then EDIGURUS offers a simple method to extract this data from the PDFs and process it automatically in your ERP system.
Click here for further informationen.
Become an EDIGURUS subscriber today and enjoy the following advantages (among others):
Every connected company
can communicate digitally with all other companies in the EDIGURUS network
The EDIGURUS network enables integrated digital B2B processes and overcomes media breaks
The EDIGURUS network
offers consistent encryption and legally compliant data exchange
EDIGURUS We are engineers for software.
During development, we always focus on the processes from the perspective of our users. It is also important to us that users can operate the applications without relying on the help of IT specialists.
We will gladly answer your questions. Just send us an email to @.
Dorfstr. 74 - 88662 Ɯberlingen - Germany