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EDI for Procurement
Purchasing often lacks the time to take care of the relevant purchasing issues that go beyond pure troubleshooting. The use of EDIGURUS finally gives you the time needed.
EDIGURUS digitizes communication with your suppliers. This makes it possible to automate the checking and processing of incoming messages.
Of course, the use of our services does not change anything in all other processes in your company or in the data management of your ERP system.
The time savings in procurement come about because around 80% of all order confirmation and invoice positions are within the permissible tolerances. Therefore, these positions do not require the attention of the purchasers and are booked by EDIGURUS directly in the ERP system without manual intervention.
For items that are outside the permissible tolerances, the purchaser can decide whether the deviations are to be transferred to the ERP system or rejected. With just a click all changes are transfered automatically into your ERP system.
Your Benefits
We give you
You save at least 5-10 minutes per order process, because EDIGURUS takes over the bookings in the ERP system
Focusing on
Procurement Topics
You can focus on the actual procurement topics again (reduce delivery bottlenecks, troubleshooting, strategic purchasing)
Growth Goals
EDIGURUS allows you to achieve your growth goals, even if there are not enough purchasers available
Your Processes
become safer
EDIGURUS checks all incoming messages; If irregularities are found, we ask you for a decision
Mistakes are reduced because all information about changes is clearly available for your decisions; Nothing can be overlooked
Clear Hints
in Case of Changes
All parties involved (both your own employees and your suppliers) are made aware of any changes that may arise within the order processing
without Difficulties
We achieve a fast onboarding of your suppliers, with well-thought-out processes and because there are no costs for the suppliers
and Labels
Orders can be sent together with drawings and barcode labels; This avoids mistakes and ambiguities
All order processes are documented transparently and completely in the ERP system and provide valid data for supplier evaluations
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