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If you are a software house, we are happy to open our EDI network of participating companies for you. To make things even smoother, we also provide you with open-source components.
Most network operators for digital communications are keen to keep their network closed to the outside in order to sign up as many companies as possible. We at EDIGURUS do not believe that this path is promising for the future. After all, despite the efforts of many large software companies, no network has been able to gain acceptance on the market.
The EDIGURUS network therefore takes a different approach: we are open to all software companies. Thanks to the EDIGURUS standard, we only ensure that all participants understand each other ad hoc. This allows your users to easily select a communication partner from the list of participants and then immediately exchange data without any implementation being necessary. As a developer, you can pass on this advantage to your customers.
Your Benefits
Increase the value of your software for your customers by enabling the exchange with all participants in the network
In addition, software companies can earn money with exchanged messages
Through our open-source components, you can participate in the EDIGURUS network within a very short time
The EDIGURUS Network for Developers
If your customers approach you because they need digital communication channels (like electronic data exchange or EDI) with their business partners, the EDIGURUS network is a good choice for you as a developer:
  • Your customers can immediately communicate with all companies that already participate in the EDIGURUS network without further implementation effort. So you bring the connection to these companies as an assert to the project increasing the value of your product for your customers.
  • Each software company can operate its own sub-network on its own terms and is still compatible with all companies in the EDIGURUS network if required.
  • You always have the choice of implementing everything yourself or using services from other operators.
  • Our open-source components enable you to quickly get started with the EDIGURUS network.
  • The data standard on which the EDIGURUS network is based is lean and easy to understand, and thus tailored to the needs of medium-sized businesses.
  • The EDIGURUS network provides simple billing rules between operators providing services and operators using such services. The settlement is coordinated by the EDIGURUS.
Our Open-Source Components
For a simple start with the EDIGURUS network we provide the following functions as open-source (Java):
  • Fill new messages into Java-beans (POJO),
    You can get a detailed description of the EDIGURUS data format (version 1) here.
  • transform the messages into a PDF,
  • address the messages to the right recipient,
  • encrypt the PDF,
  • send the encrypted PDF via SMTP,
  • receive the encrypted PDF via POP3,
  • decrypt the PDF,
  • extract the message from the PDF,
  • as well as a number of examples.

Please send us an email to @ so we can provide you with the open-source components and all other necessary documentation. The source codes are written in Java (from version 1.7) and are based on a few open-source projects of the Apache Foundation and Google. You can licence our sourcecodes according to the Apache License Version 2.
We hope that you will develop new and unusual solutions on the basis of the EDIGURUS network, that are tailored to the needs of your customers.
The idea behind it is that the greater the choice of software that can be used with the EDIGURUS network, the more intriguing the network becomes for users and the faster the network will grow.
Costs and Billing
Depending on their agreement with you, your users may be either "subscribers" or "participants". Communication in the network is only possible between two subscribers or between a subscriber and a participant. You can decide for yourself if a user is a "subscriber" or a "participant". However, as subscribers incur costs, subscribers will normally be your paying customers and participants the business partners of those customers for whom you may not be paid. The expenses you have for providing your service for the participants are rewarded when subscribers from other operators communicate with these participants.
Subscribers and participants who only work in your own sub-network are always free. Only if the users communicate with business partners at other operators, costs are incurred.

The following costs you have to pay for subscribers:
  • 30,00 EUR per Month
    Base fee
  • 0,00 EUR per exchanged Message
    with a subscriber of another provider
  • 0,10 EUR per exchanged Message
    with a participant of another provider (This amount is transferred to the other provider)

The following credits you will get for participants:
  • 0,10 EUR per exchanged Message
    with a subscriber of another provider (see above)
EDIGURUS We will gladly answer your questions. Just send us an email to @.
Dorfstr. 74 - 88662 Ɯberlingen - Germany