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EN16931: Digital Invoices
With our service you can manually create digital invoices according to the specification EN16931 and send it to your suppliers within a few minutes. This service may be free of charge for you.
Authorities of the EU and many larger companies now expect their suppliers to issue invoices in accordance with the specification EN16931. This is a problem for smaller companies in particular, because such invoices cannot simply be generated from a word processor.
Our service offers you a simple solution that does not require any software installation. You can create digital invoices within a few minutes and send it to your suppliers.

And the best thing is: if you do not generate more than 10 invoices according to EN16931 per month, this service is free of charge for you.
Your Advantages
Fulfill the requirements of
your customers by being able to generate digital invoices according to EN16931
for them
effort for you
You can create the invoices with just a few details on our platform and then forward them to the customer
Free of Charge
The Service described
here is free of charge,
if you meet the
requirements below
... and that's how it works ...
How is it done?
You enter the invoice data in a short form and we will use it to generate the PDF with the embedded file according to EN16931.
We will send you the PDF by email. You check the invoice and if everything is correct, you forward the file to your customer yourself.
Technical Implementation
For the technical implementation of EN16931, we generate ZUGFeRD invoices (version 2.1.1, profile XRECHNUNG/XML).
The service described here is free of charge for your company if you meet the following requirements:
  • You must agree to our terms of use if you want to use our service. You can download our terms of use here.
  • Since the service is free of charge, we can discontinue the service at any time without giving a reason.
  • Your company can only have one account with us.
  • You are allowed to send a maximum of 10 invoices per month.
  • The service makes it possible to save the addresses of a maximum of 3 customers. You can write invoices to more customers, but you have to re-enter the addresses each time.
  • You think of EDIGURUS GmbH the next time you want to connect your ERP system with new business partners via EDI ;-)
If you are interested, send us an email to @ with your full company address and an image file of your logo (with least 600 pixels width/height).
EDIGURUS We will gladly answer your questions. Just send us an email to @.
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