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EDI for Sales
Delivering fast digital communication (EDI) will make your customers happy while saving you time by eliminating the need to manually capture orders.
When digital communication (electronic data exchange or EDI) is introduced in sales, this usually happens for customer loyalty. Often it is important to respond quickly to the wishes of customers.
We at EDIGURUS implement the EDI connection to your customer on time, without burdening your IT.
Besides the obvious benefits of customer loyalty there are other benefits of EDI with EDIGURUS:
The biggest potential for savings is certainly the automatic capturing of your customers' orders in your ERP system. Especially for orders with many items of low value, the work required to enter the order is often greater than the order value.
Your Benefits
Make your
Customers happy
Fulfill the requests of your customers; At the same time, customers value efficient processing and a close connection to their processes
No Waiting
for EDI
EDIGURUS is very fast; We independently implement all technical aspects and thus relieve your IT
Fixed Price for
EDI Connections
We offer the connection of your customers with order, order change, order confirmation and dispatch notification at a fixed price
We give you
The orders of your customers are automatically created in your ERP system; This saves you this effort
Efficiency at
low Net Values
Especially with many items at low net values, EDI helps to reduce the costs of the administration
Use our
We have been in the B2B business for more than 15 years; Use these years of expertise to implement your B2B projects smoothly
Your Processes
will become easier
With EDIGURUS you can change incorrect information in the orders before they are written to the ERP system
1:n instead of 1:1
We only need to establish a connection to your ERP system once and then connect all your customers with it
Use our
EDIGURUS already operates a network of over 1000 companies; You can build on the technical connection to these companies
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